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Alameda Martial Arts After School Program - FREE Pick Up!

Alameda Martial Arts After School Program - FREE Pick Up!
Rebecca Trissell is a former Public School Special Ed.Teacher from San Francisco Unified School District.Rebecca is also nominate the best Yoga Teacher from Alameda 2015 and 2016 and in 2016 her Studio was nominate the Best Yoga Studio in Alameda.
Professor Sergio Silva is a 4th Degree Black Belt from Brazil who studied Physical Education back in Brail and been practicing Martial Arts for over 32 years.Professor Silva has been teaching Kids since 1992.
Together they design the top notch After School Martial Arts program with the target of success to all kids participating in our program.
We thrive to best serve our community.
Your children will enjoy our TRANSPORTED AFTER SCHOOL MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM in our Alameda Martial Arts and Yoga school, as they have fun developing focus, confidence, discipline and self control while learning the martial arts! We will provide safe, reliable, and trusted transportation from all school in the Alameda Unified District Schools.

Team Silva Kidas Fair Play
Martial Arts Classes
Life-Skills & Character Development
Fun Martial Arts Based Fitness Activities
Confidence Building Bully Defense and Stranger Awareness
Confidence & Leadership Drills
Your children will not only get exercise during the martial arts class, but they will learn valuable life-skills such as manners and respect for their teachers, parents, friends, and themselves.

HAyward Brazilian Jujutsu
They will develop a positive “Never Give Up” attitude that will carry over into school, home and sports. The foundation of our program is the motivational, goal oriented, martial arts classes that students participate in. Our dedicated professional staff is focused on providing an exciting and safe environment for all of our students.
We take pride in offering a fun atmosphere that is focused on personal growth for each student. Our program is well staffed with people who are dedicated to helping your children live their best life!

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We are here to best serve you and your dd


Now serving all elementary schools in Alameda (including Bay Farm schools).

Sign up today to our Martial Arts After School program,our program was special design by Rebecca Trissell.
Rebecca is a former Special Ed.School Teacher from the San Francisco Unified School District together with Sergio Silva who has been teaching and training Martial Arts since 1982 when he was 5 years old.
We follow the Alameda Unified School District calendar.


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