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Alameda After School Martial Arts Program

ALAMEDA AFTER SCHOOL MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM, its a Martial Arts program offering the entire town of our beautiful Island of Alameda.


The nominated the  Best Yoga Teacher of Alameda,Rebecca Trisell is not only the Best in Yoga but also worked for over 18 years in the Unified School District of San Francisco serving as a special ed.Teacher.

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Now with the fusion of her Husband Sergio Silva who has been teaching kids Martial Arts for over 23 years and practicing Martial Arts arts for over 30 years.

Professor Silva says that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts is not about winning or losing in training or competition but to build a character of each individual child.

Graduation 2017

Professor Silva is a 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a black belt in Judo.Former World Champion of Submisison Wrestling professor Silva also won several National Championships and International.
Now offering a Free Pick up Transportation from our local Alameda Public Schools.


We special design a Kids Martial Arts Program focusing in all aspects of learning including our Life Skills program and our Fitness fun training where we combine fun dodge balls games with cool Zombie Tags and tug war fun to improve Strength, agility and focusing.

Start your Child After School Martial Arts Program with us today:
Serving Kindergartens to 5th Grades.

Start now - www.teamsilvabjj.com 
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Alameda Kids Martial Arts

Our kids martial arts program is centered around Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu. We teach how to end a fight without escalating violence and injury through the use of takedowns, reversals and submission joint locks.

Alameda Martial Arts

The first technique we teach to beginning students is the Upa, which is an escape from the bully mount. What happens when someone has thrown your child to the ground? They are trained to do the Upa escape, using leverage and leg strength. This allows them to reverse the position and escape from someone larger and stronger. Through training in Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu your child will become familiar and comfortable with the chaos of ground fighting.


Studies have shown that the overwhelming majority of street confrontations end up in grappling and going to the ground. A natural result of training to subdue without injuring is an increase in your child's respect for others and themselves. This builds tremendous confidence over time and affects many other areas of their lives as well.

Because the techniques are sometimes counterintuitive, your child must concentrate to learn them. Because they practice the techniques in live sparring, they must exert a tremendous amount of energy to apply them. Most parents report that getting their kids to bed after Jiu­Jitsu is not a problem.

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We can design a specific program for your child if they are being bullied. You can be confident that we are not simply training them to be violent without remorse, but showing them a way to defend themselves and their dignity.

Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu is also a great competitive individual sport with tournaments held throughout the year here in the Bay Area. Participants are divided by age, weight and ability. Many of our students have “found their sport” in Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu and compete regularly under the Team Silva/Check Mat banner here in California and around the USA.

Many experts recommend martial arts for children because a good program will teach both physical and mental skills. Our goal at Team Silva Martial Arts Academy is to teach your child how to appropriately defend themselves, get them into great physical shape, and teach them special life lessons. In addition to the physical skills required to learn effective self-defense, your child will learn how to use discipline, respect, self-control, teamwork, and more to excel in school as well as at home with you. They can take these lessons with them and use them for a lifetime! Our Children’s Martial Arts Program: Will get your child in great shape and improve his/her coordination Teaches how to resolve conflict peacefully Provides an outlet for extra energy Reinforces ideals of courtesy and respect Teaches an “I can do it” attitude Uses positive reinforcement to make classes fun! Sign up your child today at our Martial Arts/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program: www.teamsilvabjj.com

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