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New Students: $49.99 for 3 classes + fitness evaluation + FREE gi

  Welcome to Team Silva Martial Arts After School Program.
  Parents Top Choice for After School Martial Arts and Empowerment.

 HAyward Brazilian Jujutsu

  Kids love our program as they enjoy to be into a positive fun environment that provides a sense or Purpose for their after school time.


  Parents choose us as an alternative to other after schools program because we focus in our life skills such as Focus,Teamwork,Confidence and  
  Self-Discipline,as well as Martial Arts skills and leadership classes to help them live their best lives.

  Parents Night Out02

  Your child will have an outstanding time at our Martial Arts Classes in Alameda.Our Alameda location is full of many other classes to best provide to our families.
   We offer also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense Classes to Toddler Samurai,Teens Anti Bullying program,Women Self-Defense Workshops,Adult Self-Defense,
   Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for hobby,Competition training,Yoga classes,Prenatal Yoga,Post Natal Yoga,Family Yoga Classes.

  Team Silva Kidas Fair Play
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Tyler Burke It will Change your entire life. For the better. There is no real excuse. Just do it! Great school! I love it and so do my two sons. Anyone looking for a bjj school around the Alameda area, Team Silva is where it's at! We have been training, my 3 children and myself, for 4 years now. Its a great community and fun place to be. The new location has so much more to offer yoga classes, kids classes, toddlers classes and more. Sergio is a great teacher and great fighter champion! Sergio has a great sense of humor and knows when to have fun and teach. Sergio has done a great job teaching my son(6) BJJ! So good in fact that he has inspired me to take it up at age 40. Cant say enough good things about Sergio and his staff in the Bay Area!! Amazing. Life changing. Exotic. Gotta try it yourself. Put on that Gi and jump on the mats, its the only way you'll truly know what kind of magic is going on. This is not just a bjj school, but offers yoga, cardio class, self defense, kids classes and classes for kids with special needs. It's a great place to train for both competitors and hobbyists. Friendly and challenging, with high level instructors on the mat at all times. Highly recommended! Professor Silva is a great instructor and great BJJ practitioner. He also works with children with special needs which is very dear to my heart. The other students are welcoming, patient, and work well as a team I visited three different academies in the area before deciding to attend Team Silva. I chose to train here because of the team atmosphere and the individualized attention given by the instructor(s), and because the higher belts are friendly and willing to help a lowly white belt like myself. This place is great because its both friendly and you can get the highest quality of training. Both sportive and self defense jiu jitsu concepts are taught. If you are looking for a serious competition based academy or a place to learn new skills and have fun, this place is an excellent option. Professor Sergio is the best because he is a genuinely kind person and obviously the highest caliber jiu jitsu fighter with an extensive pedigree. I bring my son here every Tuesday and Thursday for the kids class. He LOVES it. The teacher, Sergio really knows how to relate with kids. He teaches through games. The best part is my son is wore out after this class and goes to bed without a problem! Thanks to Professor Sergio and his staff. Great BJJ , great vibe, great athletes, great competition guys and hobby athletes, has a great schedule so everybody can find a time to train. If you looking for a very technical jiu jitsu you should come train with sergio. Professio Sergio is the best out there. He helps motivate his students. The entire staff is just amazing especially the kids program. Being in his academy is like having another home to come to...Everyone in the academy is like family. I would not take my kids anywehere else. Michael Webber 2 years ago- Great bushido - martial arts spirit. I first met professor Silva at a jiu jitsu tournament at a South Bay academy in 2007, where he was volunteering time as a referee for the tournament host. I was an old geezer just starting out but his kind words later after my match help bolster my determination to continue in this difficult "young mans' sport." Later I grew to respect and admire him for the great work he did in making friends with other instructors from other academies, and always being respectful to and supportive of students from other academies, even when they were competing with his students. Prof. Silva never hesitates to take his jiu jitsu out on the mats and he brings back a lot of gold medals. He is a first-class representative for the Northern California jiu jitsu scene - and I say this not as his student, but as a student from another academy. (I finally visited an open mat last year at his student's Chris Piedra's invitation - and Prof. Silva remembered me and made me feel welcome.) My little girl also competed at one of the frequent tournaments he runs two years ago - she was only 7 or 8 - and she got treated really well at every stage, from signing in, to the ref, to encouraging words after. I think when an instructor has talent at his level (which you can confirm with your own research and by dropping in for a complimentary class), it just comes down to your gut instincts and personal choice. I'm happy where I train now, but if an asteroid landed on it tomorrow, I'd be happy at Prof. Silva's too. It's unusual for students from other academies to vouch for an instructor at a different academy, but Prof. Silva has done so much for local jiu jitsu by sponsoring frequent "local" club-feel tournaments, that I don't want to let the recent one-star "hate review" go unanswered. That review is so far off the mark it has everyone in the community wondering where it is coming from. Read his students' reviews for more detailed insights. But treat that "hater review" with the grain of salt it deserves. Visit Prof. Silva's academy, talk to him, and decide for yourself. I trained under Sergio for about 3 months, had to stop due to the economy making me unemployed, but it was a really fun experience, the guys at Sergio's gym are all super killers and really friendly, everyone is willing to help you learn. I wish everyone the best over at open door! PS - Sergio quotes south park a lot so dont get confused like I did! The best jiu jitsu academy in the Bay Area! Original brazilian jiu-jitsu from the source, Sergio is a great instructor and his classes are very technical and fun! I highly recommend it!
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Birthday Parties in Alameda

IMG 8423

Yoga Alameda and Team Silva Martial Arts now offering Birthday Parties!
Leave your worries behind and throw the best birthday party for your kids!

IMG 8428

We have it all covered: toys, bouncy house, a spacious area all covered in cushioned mats so kids can run freely.
We have several different packages starting with $250 dollars all the way to $450 dollars depending of what kinda of party you would like to provide to your child.

$250 you can rent our space on Saturday or Sunday(Please give us a call to check availability)
This package is only the space with no bounce houses or toys!

$350 dollars it's our most wanted package.
We will blow up two bounce houses
Bring out the Slide and have a supervisor to make sure everything run the best ever.

$450 It's all the above plus we will offer Martial Arts games.
And give away two weeks of Martial Arts practice to all attendees.
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Alameda Business Buzz: Fire and water
Team Silva Priorities

Janice Worthen
Yoga Alameda

Yoga Alameda and Team Silva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu open in a new Park Street location next week. Photo by Janice Worthen.

After a long and frustrating renovation of the old A-1 Vacuum & Sewing location on Park Street, Sergio Silva of Team Silva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his wife, Rebecca Trissell of Yoga Alameda, are planning to open their his-and-hers studio Tuesday.

Yoga Alameda will be open on Saturday during Park Street’s customer appreciation event (more on that below) to sell passes for a month of unlimited yoga for $75. Both businesses will open officially on Tuesday.

The couple hoped to open their joint studio last weekend, but had to push their opening date forward due to another setback in a series of setbacks: The city told the couple they wouldn’t be able to provide a final inspection of the studio until Monday – or later (Trissell was able to call and get an earlier inspection). Meanwhile, Trissell said she and her husband have been losing money and business waiting for the city’s approval.

Although both knew that opening their own place would take time and money, neither Silva nor Trissell was prepared for just how much of both they’d have to spend. Trissell said the whole process was like having another baby; she and Silva have a 5-year-old son and an 11-month-old daughter.

Silva and Trissell have dreamed of having their own space for a long time. Silva, who has won martial arts tournaments and taught others who went on to be champions themselves, has been teaching Brazilian jiu jitsu since 1993. Trissell has practiced yoga since 1998 and has been teaching since 2007. The couple had been renting studio space on Lincoln Avenue, but they struggled to accommodate both businesses in that location: Trissell said she often had to have her yoga classes at random times to work around Silva’s martial arts classes.

Silva said they envisioned a place where martial arts and yoga, or “fire and water” as he put it, could exist together, but the reality has not met their vision just yet. With the renovation of the Park Street location behind them, Silva is excited that the couple’s vision is now closer to being realized.

Silva said the couple had to bring in an architect first who could provide a plan for the renovation, and Trissell said it took more than a month and a half to get all the necessary permits before work could even start; it took at least six weeks for the city to rezone the space because their businesses are not retail or restaurants, and it took another five weeks to get the building permits.

Trissell said Park Street is Alameda’s little gem, and because it is an historic area, there were many things they had to do to preserve the space and bring it up to code in addition to building an ADA-approved bathroom. Silva said the wait for permits was so hard because it made it difficult to hold on to contractors who couldn’t or wouldn’t wait for the permits to come in. Silva and Trissell also didn’t negotiate a long enough rent deferral and have had to pay rent on their space without being able to use it.

Team Silva Truth

Trissell said their inability to provide an exact opening date has also been hard on customers; she has announced their opening on her business’s Facebook page only to have to apologize when they couldn’t honor the date. During the renovation, Silva’s and Trissell’s customers have had to travel to Silva’s Hayward studio or put their sessions on hold until the new location opened.

Team Silva Tie One On

City Planner Andrew Thomas said he felt the process went smoothly from the city’s end, though he acknowledged that people who are new to the planning and permitting process are often surprised by how complex it is. Thomas said business owners have many state and city codes to meet, and while it’s not easy to build in California, he said the city tries to move things along as quickly as possible because Alameda wants small businesses to open here.

Team Silva Gentle Art

Since the studio wasn’t listed among the uses that are already permitted on Park Street, the process took a little longer than it may have for another type of business because the city is required to provide notice that a new use has been proposed and to obtain feedback from other business owners nearby.

The department is working to process a growing number of building permits without the staff it once employed; half the staff in the city’s planning department was laid off during the recession, in 2009, and the department is wholly funded by the revenue it takes in. Still, Thomas said the city has initiated a new program, “Alameda at Your Service,” intended to make the process run more smoothly for business owners.


Silva said he understands that everything needs to be perfect because of the historic location they chose but that the wait time for permits and the costs of renovating a space on Park Street make it hard for new businesses to get on their feet. Trissell said she has a new respect for what businesses have gone through to be able to operate.

Both Silva and Trissell want the joint space to be family-centered, and Silva said the new location better accommodates this vision because there are so many things for kids to do on and around Park Street. Trissell said the couple will offer a “play date” for children while their parents practice yoga or martial arts. They’ll also offer classes for the whole family, which are hard to find anywhere else: Their offerings will include classes for toddlers in both martial arts and yoga, and Trissell provides yoga for pregnant women as a registered prenatal yoga teacher.

Trissell said that many people in the area have high-stress jobs, and her yoga classes and Silva's martial arts classes provide an opportunity for people to put things on pause and reconnect with their bodies.

Team Silva Kidas Fair Play

"This is a place where the community and families can come together and have fitness fun and activities. All age levels and abilities welcome," she said.

1502 Park Street. Yoga Alameda: http://www.yogaalameda.com/. Team Silva Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: http://www.teamsilvabjj.com/. Open from 8:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, 8:15 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday and 8:45 a.m. to noon on Sunday.

We offer several type of Classes at our Alameda Martial Arts Team Silva Academy.Start your program today:

Toddler Samurai Classes
Kids Martial Arts with Life Skills
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Kids
Kids Competition Training
Teens Anti Bullying
Women Self-Defense
Adult Self Defense practice.
Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Adult Competition training
Mixed Martial Arts
Combat Fitness Training.
Yoga Classes
Prenatal Yoga
Post Natal Yoga
Baby and Mommy Yoga Classes
Vinyasa Yoga
Family Yoga Classes.

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What's Jiu Jitsu

Brazillian jiu-jitsu is a martial art derived from Japanese judo. Prior to the early 20th century there were many schools of jiu-jitsu in Japan each with different emphasis and philosophy.
This period, known as the Meiji restoration, was a time rapid change in Japan. The focus of the new government was for Japan to take its place in the world as a modern nation. Part of this modernization involved an effort by the Japanese government for Japan to participate in the modern Olympic movement and have its national sport – the grappling art jiu-jitsu – accepted as an Olympic sport. Under the auspices of Professor Jigaro Kano and his Kodokan organization the rules and techniques of jiu-jitsu gentle art), which he called judo(gentle way or path), were codified and taught throughout Japan and the world by his student emissaries and teachers. His students were forbidden from fighting or wrestling professionally. One of his premier students, Mitsuyo Maeda, in fact did fight and wrestle professionally throughout Europe, the United States, Cuba, Mexico and Brazil.
Maeda is said to have fought nearly 1000 no holds barred matches in his lifetime and was never defeated. He incorporated the techniques of his most difficult opponents into his style of jiu-jitsu. If you watch a high level Brazillian jiu-jitsu match today you will see Greco-Roman, freestyle and catch wrestling techniques integrated with modern judo and pre 20th century Japanese jiu-jitsu. 
Maeda settled in Brazil and taught his art there until his death in 1941. He taught the sons of his friend Gastão Gracie as well as other Brazillians. Carlos and Helio Gracie, the most famous sons of Gastao, were known for accepting the challenge of any type of fighter and defeating them. With their many progeny they practiced, taught and promoted their art throughout Brazil for the entirety of the 20th century.  This art came to be known as Gracie jiu-jitsu or Brazillian jiu-jitsu. The focus of Brazillian jiu-jitsu is on ground fighting. The effectiveness of this approach in one on one combat was shown to the world outside of Brazil in 1993 at UFC 1.
Helio Gracie’s son Royce at 185 lbs defeated all comers by submission using integrated arm and leg attacks against his much larger opponents. This is the hallmark of Brazillian jiu-jitsu; to submit the opponent using coordinated, leveraged arm and leg techniques without leaving permanent injury unless necessary.

You can also start your Martial Arts Journey learning the beauty of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and take for yourself and your family all the benefits that come with it.
You will learn Self-Defense,get in the best shape of your life and boost your confidence level in just in
few weeks of training.
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